The Dollar Diva

Collaged spiral Dollar Tree journals

Gosh, I’ve had these little spiral journals for YEARS!  Bought them back when we had our shop and was offering to personalize them with monogram letters.  Never did sell very well, and they got packed away when we closed our store.  In my recently renewed quest to ‘use up what I have’, I can across the box of them and decided to fix them up and sell them on etsy.

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 030There were some in the original batch that I bought that the covers were ALL kraft color.  It’s these with the strip of color on the edge that I had a hard time with because I had to coordinate that side color with what I put on the front.  There were also some with pink on the sides.

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 029They are actually quite nice little journals.  I’ve not seen these same ones at DT since ‘back then’, BUT it doesn’t HAVE to be a ‘blank cover’ journal for you to alter.  Just be use that it is a color and pattern that you can easily work .  OR, if you can’t find a journal, grab a good ole composition book!  Altering those is quite popular these days!

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 023These are the ones with the pink strip.  I just rummaged through my scrap book supplies until I found something that ‘worked’ for me.

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 024On these I did 2 different prints of paper; 3/4 and 1/4.  Any combination of papers will work; just avoid going 50/50.  Remember the rule of ODDS in decorating.

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 025Then after all my papers were glued on, I looked for embellishments  and just happened to have this set of six that worked perfectly with the paper colors.

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 027The purple and green ones were much harder to find the right papers for.  I just don’t have much in those colors; and I was NOT about to go out and BUY any more.  Just as I was about to resign myself to the fact that maybe these were just ‘meant to be’ tossed in the Goodwill donation bag . . .I found paper that worked!

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 028And I think the green ones are now my favorites, with the addition of the turquoise!

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 031A couple more pink ones.  This time I just did one color on the front; after i realized that one color actually looked okay when I did the purple ones!

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 032And with the few plain kraft cover ones I was able to add more papers to the front; three layers here: old dictionary page, scrapbook paper then old sheet music.  The embossed kraft color embellishments were the perfect finishing touch!

These will soon be listed for sale in my etsy shop.


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