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MORE covered gift boxes

Oval ones this time, which are a bit more involved than square boxes.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 044These are from Dollar Tree a couple of years ago.  Just plain colored oval gift boxes in two sizes; sold individually.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 045The initial steps are the same.  Cut paper long enough to fit the circumference of your box, with a bit of an overlap AND extending a bit over the  bottom of the box.  Apply glue to the box and place the paper on it.  Glue down the overlap.  Where the paper extends past the bottom of the box, cut slits about every inch or so.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 046Apply glue around the edge of the base and gently folk over the tabs.  Be careful along the edge if you are using OLD paper, as it may be fragile and break easily.    You may or may not want/need to do this at the open end of your box and lid.  Just depends if there is color for the original paper that you want to cover up.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 047Then cut an oval piece of paper, close to the same size ans the box and glue to the top and bottom of the box.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 052I don’t worry about matching up my seams if I only have ONE seam, and can position it to the back or side.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 050Now I just need to decide if I want to do something more to these boxes, or if I should just call them done.  Do you think they need ‘something more’?


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  1. I surprised to see you don’t have a glitter crown on top!!! lol

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