The Dollar Diva

Those Dollar Tree nests with eggs

Got a few little projects done using the new nests and eggs from Dollar Tree:

12.12.12 projects Stars 081I glittered some with ‘aquamarine’ color glitter (shown above) ; and did some with turquoise glitter.

12.12.12 projects Stars 072Topped these DT gift boxes with the turquoise ones.  (hot glued to the box)

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 025And of course added a bit of my homemade paper shred to the boxes!

12.12.12 projects Stars 080Added some little red berries to the white glittered ones, put them back in the cello bag they originally came in, and added a new header card.

12.12.12 projects Stars 108Did the same with the aquamarine glittered eggs. Piled the packages in a bog ole basket in my booth at the antique mall.

12.12.12 projects Stars 037The feather birds are back at Dollar Tree too!!!  They are REALLY getting their ‘non holiday specific’ spring stock out early this year.  Last year I only bought a few of the feather birds and was sorry later on when I went back for more, only to find them SOLD OUT!

12.12.12 projects Stars 038You better believe that I’ll be stoking up on the this year!

12.12.12 projects Stars 039Be sure you look carefully; there are THREE different styles of the birds.

12.12.12 projects Stars 054This is all I’ve done with them so far; gave them crowns and glued them to the top of a couple of the tea stained DT fabric gift boxes.

I used quite a few of them for assemblages I made for my etsy shop last year.  You can see some of them HERE.


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