The Dollar Diva

Dollar Tree: cherubs and chocolates!

12.12.12 projects Stars 022These were around last year.  I’m not sure if they have been REstocked this year, or just some still leftover from last year, but they are VERY cute!!  such sweet expressions on their faces.

12.12.12 projects Stars 101There are three different ‘poses’, so I got one of each and just gave them crowns.  Thinking I can do ‘something more’ with them for Valentines Day.

12.12.12 projects Stars 044Have you seen the MINI chocolate candles they just got in?!?!   These are smaller, about the size of a real piece of candy.  How cute would it be to alter an old heart shaped candy box and fill it with these!?!?

12.12.12 projects Stars 112Here’s the display with that ONE green glitter owl I bought.

I think I am finally finished with Christmas crafts for the year!  Time to pack away the Christmas supplies and get started on Valentine stuff!!


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