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Order on-line and get free delivery to your local Dollar Tree store!

Just in case you didn’t already know this little tidbit of info, I thought I’d share it here.  It seems to me like there was a VERY SMALL surcharge added on the last time I ordered something from DT on-line; but even with that it was worth it to me for the gas it saved me from driving all over town to check all the DTs for what I was looking for!

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 034I am signed up for Dollar Tree’s email list, and just got a notice about this very thing.  Decided to see if the OWLS I’ve been buying of late were available, and HERE THEY ARE!  Just be aware that a case of 24 will be some of EACH color.  I started buying a few of the pink ones for Valentine’s Day.

You probably can’t order a whole case of white ones (but I’ve not tried that on a ‘mixed case’)  It’s possible that they will ‘sort out and repack a case for you’.  Can’t hurt to ask or try.  PLUS, if you get to know the managers at your local DT (which is where you would pick up your shipment)  they will probably be willing to ‘buy back’ the colors you don’t want.  At least they do at ‘my’ DT.  The managers at ‘my’ DT will even call me and hold back cases of product for me if I ask.   Awaiting a call for the shipment of owls right now, and have a case of nests in the office waiting for me.


They are always asking me “What are you going to do with ALL these?”  So, every so often I will take them in a finished sample for them to keep.  They really get a kick out of that!  Last year I took in a BUNCH of the ornaments I made using DT supplies, and  told them they could each take one home.   AND occasionally I remind them about my blog.  (but I don’t really PUSH that on them.  Just mention that I show the ‘how to’ on my blog, usually to a new cashier. and give them one of my biz cards)

Is it just here in my area, or have you also noticed of late, at both thrift and dollar stores, the lack of any kind of paper at the counter to ‘wrap breakable items with’ before bagging then’???  If this has happened to you, help them out and take them all your left over newspapers!  You might get a funny look the first time, but trust me, they will be ever so grateful that you thought of them.  I’ve actually started keeping back some of my newspaper in a small bag in my car so I have it ‘on the spot’ if needed to wrap my own purchases.  I’m almost always buying breakable stuff!

11.6.12 misc 002

Remember these white DT boxes that I tea stained?  Had bought them a year of 2 ago and wasn’t sure if they still stocked the ‘white box with white bows’ anymore.  They DO!  BUT, there are only one or two of them PER CASE of 24.  I just ‘happened’ to stop in an ‘out of the way’ DT last week.  One that I seldom get to.  They had at least a dozen cases of the little square gift boxes on an upper shelf.  And YES I did take down (and put back!!) every single case to look for the white ones.

11.6.12 misc 003

The ‘just opened cases’ had two white boxes on the very top.  Sometimes only one had a white bow too; sometimes the other white box had a red ribbon.  After looking through half of them, and lifting up each box on the top layer and not finding any white ones on the bottom layer, I deduced that the white boxes must be on the top of the newly opened cases; and didn’t look at the second layer IF I already had 2 white boxes on the top layer of that particular case.  Sometimes a ‘case’ has been complied of leftovers from other cases though; so this in only true of a ‘new case’.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 010I also found lots more of these little ceramic tea light houses.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 030And this is what I had done with the ONLY one I had left from last year.  Will be spray painting the new ones white (If we ever get a dry day!) before I glitter them from now on.  It’s a bit ‘late in the season’ for new product for this year.  BUT, this is the time of year that I am ‘most in the mood’ to do Christmas crafty stuff.  So, I just make it now and have it ready to put out EARLY in the season next year!

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 018And I DID find more of these wire waste baskets, but only in ONE particular DT in my area; AND they were BLACK!!!  (which means I won’t have to paint them! Bonus!) So, I’m guessing that they are left over stock from last year.  Guessing that more will come in after the new year with the spring cleaning stock??

132715520238675275_oBz3ehRr_bTHIS is what I want to do make them into.  Also bought several of the big plastic charger plates at DT to use for the base.  Will probably use thrifted finds for the base pedestal.


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