The Dollar Diva

Little bottle brush trees

Needed ONE thing at Michael’s craft store the other day, but did want to spend a little time ‘shopping for inspiration’ for a bulk ornament for a friend.  Quite a bit of their Christmas stick is already out.   EVERY YEAR it seems like people are looking for this one particular item, so I thought I’d give you a head’s up that you CAN find them at Michael’s NOW.

Mini bottle brush trees!  Already ‘bleached’ even!!

These are an 8 pack of assorted sizes and were $1.99.

This is the cheapest I’ve EVER seen these!  Still I was tempted to wait for a 20% off everything coupon and load up on them.  But, was afraid that if I DID wait that they might all be gone by then; given their popularity!

I also grabbed some bags of 12 ALL small green ones.  And wouldn’t you know it?!??!  The NEXT day I got an email from Michael’s with a 20% off everything coupon?!?!?  Just MY luck!

But lucky for YOU if you get Michael’s email coupons and have been looking for these little trees for Christmas projects!

This ART MINDS seems to be a new(and very reasonably priced!) brand in Michael’s stores.



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