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Halloween spiders

Posted in Fall / Halloween by trash2treasure on October 5, 2012
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I got these (MINUS the hats!) at Target, but I’m pretty sure Dollar Tree has some just like them.  Would be SUPER easy to make from scratch too, IF you have some old styro balls lying around.  NEW styro is crazy expensive anymore!!  Just add some black pipe cleaners for legs and some google eyes!  You can get packages of the eyes at DT too.

I was (OF COURSE!) originally going to put crowns on the spiders.  Then, as I was going through some old boxes of stuff,  I came across a bag of old Easter tree ornaments and found these ‘Easter CONES’.

They immediately made me think of a witch hat, so I just cut off the wire handles, yanked off the string at the top,  and painted them black.  You could easily make your own with a FIMO type of clay.

They still have the holes from the wire handles, and I suppose I could fill them with putty before I paint them black, but I wa sin a hurry, so I just left the holes!

You CAN see the hole when you look closely, but because everything is black, it’s hardly noticeable from a distance.

And that’s all I did to them.  Getting a little burned out on Halloween crafts already!  Time to start on Christmas!

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