The Dollar Diva

Crochet thread Jack-o-lanterns!

I am a total sucker for big bags full of spools of old crochet yarn at thrift stores.  I mostly just want the whites/creams/ tans . . and occasionally find some TURQUOISE!   I just LOVE to decorate with (and SELL!) big jars full of them!

Like this in my booth at Stars.  A lot of the time I will roll them into balls and onto smaller spools.

And for those shoppers who already have a favorite old jar, I sell the the ‘fillers’  in coordinated bags full, like this.

And this.  (and YES!  they do sell quite well!)

I also re-sell some ‘as is’. Or tie a piece of lase around ones that are partially used and no longer have labels.

More jars and singles.

Prettied up labels are fun sometimes.

Sometimes I just toss the smaller ones in a bowl with some of my hand stitched hearts.

And sometimes, I get ODD COLORS that I can NEVER USE, mixed in with the whites and creams.  I sort out the ones that I like, and then toss the ‘odd balls’ into a box.  Held on to them for a while ‘just in case’ I had a brainstorm.  If not, they go into the ‘donation bag’ to go back to the thrift store on my next trip.

I was working on Halloween stuff when I came across my ‘box of oddball colors’ and was ready to toss the ORANGE ones into the donation bag.  Lo and behold, I DID have a brainstorm!

I made them into Jack-o-lanterns!

This one’s a totem (because I didn’t have enough hats for all of them!)  Those are crepe paper rosettes on the bottom and between.

These are little plastic witch hats I bought last year.

The faces are just cut from black cardstock and glued on.

I had to make this hat from scratch.  Just added a cone shape to a crepe paper rosette.

Glued the hats on with tacky glue.

It really took practically NO time at all to make them!  I sat and cut out the face parts while I watched TV.

NOW we’ll just have to see if they will SELL!  Can’t decide WHERE I want to put them . . . in my booth at Stars or on etsy????

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