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Fall 2012 color trend: Metallics!

Pottery Barn is pretty big on metallics for fall this year

I’ve always been fond of ‘other then orange’ pumpkins; especially metallics.  They can be lift out and used AFTER Thanksgiving and blended in with your Christmas decor.  ORANGE pumpkins just make me think HALLOWEEN.

And as this Pottery Barn picture shows, you CAN successfully mix the metallics with natural fall decor for a rustic elegant look.

“Just the Bee’s Knees”  blog shows some great ideas for turning your Dollar Tree pumpkins into designer metallic beauties.

(click the link for complete instructions)

And of course, “I” did a few metallic pumpkins for my booth at Stars.  I kept them monochromatic, but I DO love the color combinations that Bee’s Knees used.

And here are some of the ‘glammed up’  pumpkins and  gourds I made that are for sale in my etsy shop.

This is a BIGGER thrifted pumpkin; the rest are smaller DT size.

I went pretty crazy withe the glitter and embellishments on this set!  (and it was SO fun!)  Most of the embellishments I used on these came from the Christmas picks at the craft store.  Just cut them apart with wire cutters; poke a hole in your styro pumpkin, add some glue and re-poke in place!  The ‘skirt’ on the one on the far left is a decorative pony tail holder!

On this one, I first painted the stripes, the glittered with a CLEAR glitter; which is a GREAT way to get MORE glitter colors if you can’t find the colors you want in actual glitter.

This is my FAV glitter color!

Assorted pink glitter gourds in a bowl.

The ‘viney’ thing came from the Christmas PICKS at the craft store.  I cut off some pieces to adorn  my gourds; and then just placed it in the bowl, on top of the gourds, mingled about, to add interest.

To minimize the shedding of your glitter, after your adhesive is completely dry, but before you add your embellishments; take them outside and spray them with some CLEAR spray paint.  I like to give mine TWO good final clear coats, because mine will be ‘traveling’ in the mail or ‘handled a lot’ at the mall; and really NEED the extra protection.  One coat should suffice for your own home use.To make some of them taller, I glued them to a candle base.

Simpler silver and pewter grouping.  Again, the striped one was painted, then CLEAR glitter applied.  I spray painted the pedestal plate too!

Are YOU adventurous enough to decorate with NON orange pumpkins???


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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my pumpkins! I love the glittery pewter ones you did 🙂 I’ll be pinning that one for next year! Cheers:)

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