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More glitter skulls

But NOT at Dollar Tree.  Sadly, I think the days of the inexpensive glitter skulls at DT are over.  I showed you some ‘ornament size ones I found at Home Goods a while ago.  Then last week I found some BOG ones at Target for $2.50.

Not particularly KEEN on the color selection.  There were these 2 colors and PURPLE.  (they are still in the shrink warp in this photo, so they look a little funky!)  I am still working on what to do with them, but wanted to post this NOW, so you can get to Target and get your skulls if you want/need them.

They also had these owls; same color choices; same price.  And they had giant glittered candy corn; which I passed on.

This first owl had a bit of a wood STEM protruding from the base, that made it WOBBLE!  I drilled a bit of a divet into this wood base for that stem to go into so it would sit flat.

I gave him  a little vintage sheet music crown and tied a couple of keys around his neck.

Now I’ve got FOUR more, and NO IDEA what else I could do with them?!?!?  I put crowns on them . . .and now I’m STUCK!

And ideas??????


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  1. what about a magic cape on the owl?

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