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Little frames

So I’ve got a BUNCH of these little frames.  Round, oval, square and rectangle; and in ALL kinds of colors.  Some Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy colors like BRIGHT ORANGE!  (but you know what I say about COLOR!  You can ALWAYS change that!)  They were on SALE, so you KNOW I stocked up on them!  And that’s as far as I got.

I did a couple of little projects with them, like the framed ‘wish’ above; then I just got STUCK.  And they got shoved to the back of my supply stash and were forgotten.  UNTIL I went on a recent craft room organizing binge.  I am REALLY trying to USE UP all the old craft supplies I have.  And if I can’t think of a way to use it, I’ve been listing them on etsy, or donating them to Good will.

At the same time that I happened upon the old box of little box of old frames, I also happened upon these little bird lapel pins.  I GUESS I bought them because the bird was cute.  I don’t “DO” jewelry because I don’t WEAR jewelry.  I’m just NOT a jewelry person at ALL!  But I liked these little birds and bought them figuring I’d come up with SOME way to use them in my crafting.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .  I wonder if the bird pin will fit into the frame???  They just had a glued in place PLASTIC film front, instead of glass, so I had to rip that out.  Then I just cut the cardboard that the bird was already mounted on in a circle to fit the frame!

Super easy!

The frames and the bird pins came from those ‘impulse buy’ bins that Michael’s craft stores have at the front of their stores.  (you know, that ‘stuff’ that USED to be $1.00 each and now is 2 for $3.00?)  Well, at the front of MOST of their stores.  One of the two local Michael’s I shop at has them in a weird ‘out of the way.  In a way back corner behind all the jewelry stuff.   A corner of the store that I typically don’t even bother going to.  I just figured THIS Michael’s decided to NOT carry the stuff anymore!  Then when I finally found them, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t just ASKED where they were!  DOH!!!

Any thoughts on what else I can do with my little frames???


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  1. RedCandy said,

    So very cute! So happy I found your blog as it combines my two fav things……thrift and craft.

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