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Right place, right time AGAIN!!!

Posted in Dollar Tree by trash2treasure on September 12, 2012
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So, I was perusing the aisles at my ‘favorite’ Dollar Tree the other day, and I decided to pick up a package of address labels for etsy orders that are NOT being sent priority mail, and able to use the FREE priority labels.

I looked down the DISHES aisle, as I always do, hoping to find more of ‘my plates’.  And I found 2 of them!

I hesitated buying these when they FIRST came out because ALL they had was dinner plates and bowls; not complete sets.  Then all my red dishes seemed to be coming out of the dishwasher CHIPPED, and I decided it was time for new dishes and I wanted AQUA.  But by then theses had pretty much SOLD OUT.  I did happen upon five of them and grabbed them.  So, now I have 7 dinner plates; and assorted, thirfted and mis-matched salad plates, bowls and coffee mugs!

But they are really NICE dinner plates; and I COULD ‘match them up’ with WHITE pieces of everything else IF I weren’t so compelled to put a price tag on every white dish I find, to take to Stars and SELL!

Got a couple of bars of yummy smelling SoftSoap because I had a couple of 50 cents off coupons.  Did YOU know DT now accepts manufacturers coupons?  Yep.  They do.  I’d have never know if I wasn’t signed up for their mailing list.

And I NEEDED some pumpkin seeds; my new addiction!  And a few other assorted items.  So, the cashier pushes the total button and my total was $18.51.  (and we DON’T have sales tax here in Oregon!)  Where did the 51 cents come from I asked the clerk?!?!?  I didn’t buy anything that had ‘bottle return deposits’ on it.  It was REALLY weird to see anything other than an EVEN dollar amount.

She said it must have been my coupons.  But my coupons were 50 cents EACH, so that was an even dollar off!  She fairly carefully examined the receipt before handing to me and just shrugged.  The little old man in line behind me winked and said “it’s a SECRET tax!”  We both chuckled and away I went with my $18.51 bag of stuff from the dollar store.

But my curiosity was KILLING ME!  I just HAD to get out my reading glasses and see what the heck was going on.  The FIRST thing she rang up was my two plates.  They were only 25 cents each!!!  So THAT explained the 50 cents.  Now where did that PENNY come from???

Can you see it???  It says STICKERS.  It was the address labels!  I knew they marked stuff down to 25 cents sometimes, but not a PENNY! Heck, if they are just a penny, I’m going back for more!  And so I did.  Grabbed 8 more, not wanting to HOG them all to myself.  It was the same checker, and I showed her what it was that had rung up at a penny; and asked if they REALLY were just a penny; and if so, I’d take these too.

She called over a supervisor, one of the FEW managers at that DT whom I don’t know well.  Supervisor was explaining to her to write down the UPC on some special list and they would pull them all later.  I STILL didn’t know if I’d get the rest for just a penny.  Then the supervisor asked if this was the last of them, and I told her no.  She said when they get marked a penny we have to THROW THEM AWAY, so if you want more, go get them now.  So I went back and grabbed ALL the rest!

And that’s the story of how I got enough shipping labels to last me for YEARS for 23 cents at Dollar Tree!


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  1. Teresa Yates said,

    You are such a big spender. LOL!!


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