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Sometimes you’re just in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!

Posted in FInds by trash2treasure on September 9, 2012
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Last Wednesday was one of those times for me.  I had a local person buy something from my etsy shop, and instead of making her pay shipping to send it just across town, I told her I’d meet up with her and deliver it in person.  Since I didn’t have any specific errands to run or places I needed to be on that particular day, I left the meeting time and location up to her.  

Turns out our meeting place was just down the road from the big Goodwill Outlet Store.  (Everyone I know calls it the BIN store, because they just pile stuff in those big sorting bins and you have to DIG through them.  That place really gives me the willies!  I couldn’t even bring myself to go there alone (without Michael!) for a LONG time.  And usually I go straight back to the furniture and avoid the bins like the plague.  (well except maybe the BOOK bins!)

Anyhoooooooooo . . . I hadn’t been there in a loooooooooooooooong time and since I was driving right by, why not?!?    Just like the retail thrift stores lately, it seems like they are pricing things CRAZY HIGH!  An old desk with drawers that are PAINTED SHUT for $50.00?????  HUH?!?!?!  It MAY be an antique, but it’s not VALUABLE unless it’s in perfect condition!  But, this also works out GOOD in the end because they HAVE to move that furniture out of there FAST.  And when it sits too long they start marking it down.  

Well, it must have been a REALLY slow week for furniture, with the start of the school year and all; because they had a LOT of furniture marked down to A DOLLAR!  Yep, one dollar.  I got FOUR end tables for $4.00!  

A matching pair of these for $1.00 each.  They were each missing a few of the ‘buttons’ used to cover up the screw holes.  Not a problem.  You can buy those separately at the hardware store; and I had some on hand.  I did GLUE them in place though!  The rest kept popping out while I was sanding!

This one, $1.00 too.  The top is a bit scratched up but the LEGS are perfect.  Tops are easy to sand scratches out of.  Legs are much harder to sand.  THAT is one of my thrifting rules: CHECK THE LEGS!  Bad legs? Pass it up.  Bad TOP, but good legs; BUY it! They don’t really LOOK it in this picture because of the angle I took it at, but the legs are really BULKY.  Heck, I’d have bought JUST the legs without a table attached!

Here’s a better look at a leg.

And this wicker end table for $1.00

In my excitement over the $1.00 price tag, I failed to notice the wrapping on the legs was coming off, and was completely GONE on two of the legs.  No biggie.  That stuff is really only there for looks.  It’s still perfectly sturdy.  I just cut ALL of it away from all the legs to make them match.  I’ll be painting it anyhow.

SO, that’s my story of being in the right place at the right time!  What’s the best bargain YOU’VE ever scored?!?!


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