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Glittered leaves

Don’t have a ‘before’ picture  of these, but they are the BIGGER (about the size of my hand) artificial leaves that come about 10 to a package at DT.  The ones with the wire stems.

I covered them with Mod Podge* (just ONE side) and sprinkled on some pretty fall glitter colors!

*Mod Podge is just what I had on hand to use.  Sometimes I use varnish, or watered down glue (otherwise the glue dries faster than you can get the entire surface painted).  I’ve even just used PAINT as my glitter adhesive IF the item was something I was painting anyhow!

To help minimize the ‘shedding’ of the glitter, after your adhesive is dry, apply a couple of light coats of some clear spray paint.

These are pretty to just ‘scatter’ around for fall decorating.  Layer them in a tray as a centerpiece.  Use them at each place setting for your holiday dinner.  Pack them away carefully at the end of the season and they will last for MANY years.


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  1. I love this, AJ! I’ve been using these same glitter colors you gave. Pinning this to the Mod Podge Rocks board.

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