The Dollar Diva

Birdie make over

SO . . . I’ve had these DT birds sitting around for YEARS!!!  I loooooooooooooooooooooooove doing ‘bird stuff’, but these, with ‘all that stuff’ on the base, proved to be problematic.  I tried just giving them a crown for the last spring show I did.  FAIL!  Then I thought maybe if I paint the whole base part one color I’ll like them better.  Nope!  NOW WHAT?!?!?

Black paint to the rescue!  NOW they look like they could be a crow, or a RAVEN!  And Halloween IS just around the corner!

So I printed up some little “Nevermore!” tags on my computer to add.  Attached it to his beak at first.  But it looked kinda odd there.

So I opted to just glue it to the base.  You like?


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