The Dollar Diva

Dollar Tree votive candle holders turned into cloches

Tulip shaped votive holders from dollar Tree.

I used these ‘lace cut’ ceramic birds that I got at Michael’s on clearance for under $2.00; but you can use just about ANYTHING that has a flat enough surface area to be glued on.  (use e6000 adhesive to glue on your handle)  Old drawer knobs work just fine.  I just look around at thrift stores to find assorted things to use as cloche handles.

I added some of my teeny-tiny hand made glitter crowns to the birds.  (Aleen’s tacky glue to adhere the crowns)

I added a little twiggy nest under one of the cloches.

Tall cylinder vases, which can also be found at Dollar Tree stores work too.  I just happened to find these at a thrift store, along with a hurricane.

Same birds; the center one just a bigger version.

“Sugared” (clear white glitter) vintage sheet music crowns on these guys.

A lot of the time, the tulip holders that I find at thrift stores have been used as candle holders and still have some (sometimes a LOT !) wax still in them.  IF the votive still has it’s shape and has not totally melted, put it in the freezer and it will pop right out.

IF the candle is totally melted into the container, place it in a double boiler until the wax melts .  Pour out your melted wax into an old tin can and let it harden before disposing.  THEN take the boiling water from your double boiler and pour it into your holder to melt away the last bit of wax residue.  Don’t pout this water down the drain, as it has wax in it too.  Use a paper towel to dry and wipe away the last bit of wax residue.


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