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Sign of the times, I guess!

It’s getting harder and harder to find good stuff to re-invent at the dollar store.  I used to NEVER leave Dollar Tree empty handed, but it’s happening more and more lately.  I’m going to have to expand my repertoire in order to add regular content to this blog!

These FAUX white fingerling starfish came from Michael’s, in a 3 pack for $2.00.  I actually thought they WERE real when I bought them (without putting on my reading glasses!)

It wasn’t until I opened the package and looked at the backs that I realized they were faux.  Pretty darn GOOD faux!  And probably STURDIER than the real thing for crafting purposes.

I recently saw a tutorial on a blog for making your own out of Fimo, (or any kind of hardening clay)  Pretty simple to figure out without a step-by-step guide.  They had used a PIN to prick all the little holes on the front though.  I think I’d use an old BRUSH of some kind instead of making them one by one by one by . . . . oh my!

I used these to make some simple peg racks.  FIRST (and it’s important to do this first!) I hammered in my sawtooth hangers on the BACK.  You’ll break the starfish if you try to do it later!)  Glued the starfish in place with e6000.  Once that glue set, I pre-drilled pilot holes and hammered in a couple of rusty nails to use as pegs.

If you want to prevent your rusty nails (or anything rusty) from further shedding ( which it WILL do on it’s own!) just apply a clear coat of any kind; varnish, mod podge, even plain ole white glue will do.  Just anything that will SEAL the rusty surface.


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  1. HeartStays said,

    Those racks are really cute! What a great Idea!

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