The Dollar Diva

Five cent bottles

Actually for MUCH of the rest of the country, these bottles would be FREE.  With Oregon’s strict recycling laws though, even beverage bottles like this have a 5 cent deposit/refund.

So, of course I had the empties set aside to haul back to the grocery store.  Then I was bored one day and decided to ‘play; with a couple of them.

First I had to soak them to remove the labels.  Sometimes THAT is the end of a project when the label or adhesive simply will NOT come off.  Thankfully, on these the labels slipped right off as soon as they were fully soaked.

Then I wrapped the necks with jute twine.  Apply a good layer of tacky glue to the entire area you plan to cover with the jute; pick an end to start on (either top or bottom works just as well) and wrap away!  The top where the lid screwed on required a couple of extra layers of the jute.

Don’t worry about the spots of glue that will inevitably end up ALL OVER the uncovered part of your bottle.  After your glue has completely dried, it’s easy to go back and wash off that dried glue from the glass.

I embellished my bottles with shells and starfish; on the top and neck; and a hand stamped tag.  But you COULD leave the tops open to use them as vases.  OR add a shell ‘necklace’ like I did here.

SO, if you’ve got ANY empty glass bottles or jars, jute twine and some tacky glue; you’ve got your next craft project!


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