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Re-painted sea horses

Remember this little guy from a few  posts ago, that I got at Dollar Tree?

First I spray painted with flat black.

Then I did a quick sponge painting job, with either tan or turquoise.

Couldn’t decide which color I liked better, so I asked Michael for his opinion.  He voted blue.  Which, actually I DO like better, but not everyone likes that color nor wants to decorate with it.  SO, since I had six of them, I did 3 of each color.

Figure I will take one of each color to my booth at Stars and see which sells first.  Then I can always (and VERY easily) repaint the remaining ones if needed.  Going from tan to blue is easiest, as I can just paint right over it.  Blue to tan would require a new coat of black first.

And now that is has been determined that the blue color POPS more, I’m debating repainting this sea-horse table I recently posted over on my  ‘trash 2 treasure’ blog. 

My thinking was that the TAN would ‘go with’ a greater number of color schemes.  Whaddya think?  Should I for the aqua/blue on this one too?


2 Responses to 'Re-painted sea horses'

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  1. Lynn Ellis said,

    Love the seahorse table!

  2. I love the seahorses! I haven’t seen them at my DT yet. I like the table as is but do think it would be more attention grabbing in blue. 🙂

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