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New findings at Dollar Tree

While I was making the rounds to several of my local Dollar Tree stores in search of additional birds, I found a few other things ‘to play with’:

Grabbed a few of these little cast plaster castles and covered them with sand to make them look like sand castles.

I took a LOT of reapplications to get full coverage!  NEXT time I will paint them ‘sand color’ FIRST; then glue on the sand.  That way, any parts that show through won’t be as noticeable.  (as on this one!)

Will be searching for some SMALL fish bowls to put them in.  Add some sand to the bottom and scatter some little shells; kind of like a little sand globe!  (instead of SNOW globe!)   DT used to sell the sand, but I haven’t seen it in ‘my’ DT’s for a while.  I found some at the thrift store.  Used tacky glue to apply the sand.

NO IDEA what I will do with these guys?!?!  They were just SO cute!  And I USED to collect frogs in high school.  Maybe glitter and crown them?  Got any ideas for me for these???

Metal seahorse was in the garden section.  They called it a HOOK.  (use the curled tail as a hook?  Not sure WHAT you’d hang from it though??)  I will spray paint them a flat black, (if this RAIN ever stops again!)  then sponge paint them tan or turquoise.  I bought 5 or 6 of them.

PRETTY little gift box!  Always need a little gift box for something!  Can’t resist this color!

Little wood plaques with BUILT IN easel.  Bought several of these too.  Remember these? from a while back?

These new little plaques have the same designs on the front.  I’ll be completely covering the fronts, so that doesn’t bother me.  I just really like the built in stand!  Will use them for some altered art collages.

Have YOU found anything cool to reinvent at Dollar Tree lately???


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  1. awesome idea with the sand!

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