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Posted in Altered art,Dollar Tree,Springy things by trash2treasure on May 2, 2012
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Well, since the resin birds I so DESPERATELY have been waiting for are NOT going to be coming to Dollar Tree this year; I’ve resigned myself to working on some other bird projects.

I found these DT birds in my stash from some time ago.  Never did figure out much of anything different to do with them.  So I just gave them all little vintage sheet music crowns!

These birds are probably from 4-5 YEARS ago though!  But maybe you’ll find some like them at thrift stores?!?

I got these little feather birds at DT last fall.  Attached them to a nest with eggs and then to a pedestal.


This canvas bird picture is from a few years ago also.   I added the plastic rhinestone crown and the ‘discover’ tag.

These birds on TIN boards are from a while ago too.  I added the crowns and joy tag.

And that’s all I’ve got for now!



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