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Dollar Tree prayer candles

Posted in Crafting,Dollar Tree,Gifts by trash2treasure on April 19, 2012
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I didn’t get a picture of JUST the candles.  You’ve seen them before, plain glass holder filled with plain white wax.  Oftentimes the taller versions of these candles have religious images on them.  I look for the plain ones.

These little 2 packs of taper holders are from DT also.  I use e6000 adhesive to attach one of the candles to one of these bases.    The  candles always have really LONG wicks and are never filled to the top with wax.  I melt down the leftover wax in the bottom of my jar candles and  use that to ‘top off’ the candles; filling them up further AND adding a bit of fragrance.  I almost always buy white/cream colored candles; not sure how a brighter color would look on top.  Guess it would depend upon what color you made your LABEL.

There are two of the finished ones on the bottom shelf.  I added a band of tea stained paper all the way around, then some clip art shell images and some jute string.

ON these two I skipped the added base and used vintage tea stained sheet music.


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  1. As always, you have such great inexpensive ideas!

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