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Having the DT dt’s!!

Posted in Dollar Tree by trash2treasure on February 22, 2012
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I’m completely OUT of Dollar Tree ‘project product’ and I’m feeling a little ‘panicky’!  Stopped in yesterday to see if I could ‘get a fix’ ; hoping the new spring stuff would be in.  Lots of EASTER stuff, but no ‘general spring’, like the resin birds, flower pots etc.  NOTHING that I really needed or wanted.  Yet ‘out of desperation’ I grabbed a few ceramic birds (the ones that have been there FOREVER because no one really likes them all that much!) to CHALLENGE myself to make something out of them.  New post to follow soon.

The Easter stuff IS really cute, btw, if you do a lot of Easter decorating.   Just not ‘my thing’.   I used to buy lots of the plastic eggs and make them into grubby rag eggs.  And even grubby dip some of the bunny figurines in my grubby candle wax to make them look like chocolate bunnies.

There are some AWESOME plastic baskets and bins for storing and organizing stuff in, in pretty spring colors.   Would make great gift or Easter baskets too.

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  1. Isn’t it frustrating when you KNOW what you looking for and just can’t find it?! I need to check out my Dollar Tree and see what they have. Wish me luck!

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