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Altered Dollar Tree art plaques

Posted in Altered art,Dollar Tree,Home Decor,Made over by trash2treasure on February 3, 2012
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Got these wood plaques topped with designs printed on paper, and black wire decorative scroll on the top at Dollar Tree a while back.  A good 70% of the time when I buy ‘supplies’  (items that I eventually ALTER) at Dollar Tree, I don’t yet know HOW I will be using them.  Something about an item just ‘catches my eye’ (in this case it was the pretty black scroll top)  and I just KNOW I will be able to ‘do SOMETHING with it’ and I’ll grab a bunch!

I was painting these gold cherubs (and several others); not yet knowing HOW I was going to use them.  Figured something would come to me as I worked on them.  They were nice and FLAT on the back side so applying them to some kind of flat surface came to mind.

See instructions for the complete transformation of these gold cherubs over on my Trash 2 Treasure blog.  SO, while the cherubs were drying for the final time, I scrounged through my stash to find something to attach them to.  Tried a few different things, and settled on the scroll top plaques.

I was just ‘trying them out’ and laying them on the plaques to see if the proportions were right.   I had every intention of completely covering the plaque with some scrapbook paper.  But, the cherubs fir SO perfectly on top of the bird, AND the wording perfectly fit the theme; so I decided to just glue on the cherub and be done!

Well, ALMOST done!!  After they dried overnight and I hung them to take pictures, I decided ‘something was missing’.  It needed a tad more ‘altering’.

So I gave them some vintage sheet music paper crowns!

NOW they’re done!

Then I did one like I had originally intended to do, covering the entire background with scrapbook paper, and adding some embellishments.

I just used regular tacky glue to put the crowns on.  First, test fit your crown and gently ‘form it’ to the shape of the head.  (this one was a tad oval shaped)  Hold crown upside down and run a generous bead of bead of glue around the entire inside of the rim.  Then turn it right side up and put it on.  Gently (without crushing the tips!) hold crown in place for about five minutes for glue to set.  Then set aside to completely dry.

I put them out in my booth at the antique mall WITH my Valentine stuff, but they really aren’t so Valentine ‘specific’ that they won’t work to display year round.  Something I try to keep in mind when I am creating.


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