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Little red birds from Dollar Tree

Posted in Christmas,Dollar Tree,Valentines Day by trash2treasure on February 1, 2012
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You’ve seen them every year, the little red or white bird ornaments that come three to a package.   Cute little ornaments, for sure.  I just wanted to make them CUTER!

I was already making crowns for the birds with the wire feet (painted white and glittered first!)   Why not make some for the little red birds too?

The just barely fit over the tip of my index finger!  The smaller ones ARE a bit of a challenge to make.  I used regular weight paper, because even cardstock would BEND when I tried to roll it that small.  Tow layers of regular paper glued together did the trick just fine.   The glue added a lot of sturdiness to the crown, then adding more glue and the glitter, still more.

I just hunted through all my craft supplies to find something the right size to wrap my paper around; a glue stick worked for me.

Let the glue completely dry overnight; then with a VERY point little pair of scissors, cut your points.  I usually do a batch of a dozen or more of the crowns at a time.

Then it’s GLITTER TIME.  Use fine glitter.  For these little crowns I found it difficult to HOLD the crown and add the glue and glitter.  I ended up using a pair of needle nose pliers.  BRUSH the glue on with a stiff bristled paint brush, and sprinkle on your glitter.  Set aside to dry.  You will have one little ‘bare spot’ where the pliers were; fill that in later.

I glitter them all at once.  Let dry.  Then go back and put a dab of glue on that bare spot and sprinkle on the glitter.

I used regular tacky glue (NOT hot glue!) to attach the crowns to the birds.  Apply dots of glue all the way around the inner rim of the crown, slip the crown through the string hanger and position it in place and let it dry.  I usually go back after a few minutes and make sure the crowns are tightly in place.

I took mine to my booth at the antique mall, and hung them on my glitter Valentine tree!

In the above photo from a couple of years ago, I took some of the white feather 3/pk birds and tea stained* them and gave them sheet music paper crowns.

* I don’t use actual TEA for my stain, or coffee or vanilla or molasses or ANY other sticky and smelly kitchen product!  You can buy my stain recipe here in my etsy shop.


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