The Dollar Diva

More Christmas stars – done over

Bought some of these painted tin stars at Dollar Tree.

Covered them with torn strips of vintage sheet music, as I had done with the bog 3D stars.

As I mentioned before, I keep a stash of torn paper on hand so when inspiration for a project hist me, I can ‘get right to it’ and don’t have to wait while I do all the ‘prep work’.  I did have to tear a few of the pieces into smaller ones, but even with that, it only took me about ten minutes to cover each star using regular white glue on the backs of the paper strips.

When I looked at them the next day, I decided they needed some ‘oomph’, so I added some vintage mica flakes.   First, covering the entire star with them; them just the creases or folds.  Glitter would work too.  I was just a little ‘glittered out’ after Christmas!

And I didn’t want them looking Christmas-y.

Figured these would work for New Years decor . .

Or a nice little gift for a child’s music teacher.

They display nicely with all the white dishes I stock in my antique booth


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