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Christmas 2011 ~ Lost all my tutorial photos

Boo-hoo!  My computer ate my pictures! 

(Well, actually, as I was attempting to follow the email directions provided to FIX my computer after downloading some cleaner software and it crashing; I accidentally reset it to the factory settings; which deleted all my pictures.  I had probably 12 Christmas craft projects using Dollar Tree stuff to show you.  In the aftermath, the best I can do is show some of the pictures of the few finished items left in my booth at the antique mall that haven’t sold yet.)

SO, here’s what I’ve got to show you:

I made HUNDREDS of these paper rosette ornaments.  Cut and folded the rosettes out of vintage sheet music and hymnals, then hot glued on the embellishments.  In this case a white snowflake (from a DT 10 pack) and a glitter JOY ornament (from a DT 5 pack)

On these, I made a smaller rosette, glued the snowflake BEHIND it and added a snowflake BUTTON to the center with a little bling in the center.

I bought LOTS of different glittered ornaments from Dollar Tree in the 5/pk.  Reindeer, angels, bells, cupids.  And some BIGGER reindeer with teeny jingle bells around their necks in a 2/pk.  The tags you see on some of the orns, I just printed up on my computer.

I also made paper chains out of the music paper.  A few bigger glittered orns (singly from DT, but too pretty to pass up!) like the dove and the lacey ornament in the above picture.   The little crowns and top hats were made from scratch.

A lot of the ornaments I packaged in cello and made header cards for.

BIG 6″ styro type snowflakes in a 6/pk at DT.  Glittered edge crepe rosette and scrapbook embellishment in center.

These BLUE ones are made using blue foam snowflake coasters from DT, a paper rosette and a smaller blue snowflake from a bag of table scatter from DT.

A BIG one for the tree topper!

And some other bigger ones as wreaths.

The bigger glitter pieces were $1.00 each at DT.

I made LOTS of glittered birds with crowns!  Resin birds bought last spring at DT.  Painted them with craft paint (works best if you paint them the same color that you plan to glitter them)  And I just use my second coat of paint as my ‘adhesive’ for the glitter.  (no glue needed!)  The itty bitty crowns were made from scratch, with a lot of PATIENCE.  But SO cute they really ARE worth the trouble. (to me anyhow!)

Glittered tree in a jelly jar with some fake snow.  Bought the trees at DT (the ones for the little Christmas Villages)

Lots of little gift boxes.  This one with a white glittered bird with a crown and  some scrapbook border.  I also put a little bit of my own blend of paper shred inside.   This particular box came from a Costco set of gift boxes.

This oval box came from DT a while back (I bought a stash of them YEARS ago, and just now figured out what I wanted to do with them!  Look for more in the spring!)  A little scrapbook border along the bottom.  Three trees from DT (Two, one of each size, to a package)  Glittered the bases and some chipboard letters (from craft store) and glued them on with hot glue.  Hot glued the trees to the box THEN with regular white glue, added the snow.

Two trees with snowflake buttons and bling on top; glued to top of box then glittered box top.  Ribbon from my stash tied around the box, and another little snowflake at the center of the bow.

Another painted and glittered resin bird with little glitter crown.  This box came from DT this year and came with the lid already glittered.  The blue snowflakes are ‘table scatter’ or confetti from DT.  Just hot glued them to the two trees and border of the box.

Another snowflake ornament, this time with a vintage style Christmas embellishment in the center.  Embellishments are from craft store.

Lots more glittered birds with crowns, not attached to anything.

And glittered snow owls with crowns!

White satin gift box from DT, I tea stained the box and ribbon and a bow (which I removed from the top)

Made some crepe paper (from DT) rosettes and tea stained them too.  A music paper rosette with glittered edges to glue on top of the crepe rosette, then glued the bow back on to the top!  Will make more of these to stock year round.

This is my ‘custom blend’ of paper shred that I put a little bit of in each gift box.

WELL, that’s all I have to show you.  Will have to leave the more extensive, step-by-step tutorials for next year!


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