The Dollar Diva

Cloches crafted from Dollar Tree supplies

What is a cloche???  It’s a glass dome used to cover and protect various items.  They were also used to cover and protect young plants from the cold until they were big enough to weather the elements on their own.  Nowadays we mostly use them for decorative purposes.  REAL cloches are very expensive and hard to find.  I’ve come up with some ‘make-do’ cloches using Dollar Tree and thrift store findings.

The ceramic finials I used for the handles on the above two cloches came from Dollar Tree earlier this year.  I painted them antique white (regular craft paints) and added Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze to enhance the detail.  The cloche part (inverted glass vases!) on the right came from DT; the one on the left, thrift store.  The stone gargoyles and bust also came from DT.

Just about ANY glass vase that will stand on it’s own when inverted can be made into a cloche.  Look for a size that will allow you to place something underneath the dome.  A flat bottom is a PLUS, as it’s easier to add the handle to a flat surface.   I use e6000 to glue my ‘handles’ on.  Just about anything can be used as a handle too.  I’ve done several using ceramic birds; and placed a little nest under the dome.  Regular old knobs work too!

Ceramic DT birds I’ve used for cloche knobs.

The ceramic finials from DT, as purchased and before I painted them.

Ceramic DT bird glued to domed cloche.  Little vintage juice glass and bowl glued together to make the base.

Add a little Spanish  moss (from DT!) and a little egg for the finishing touch.  Where do I get the little eggs?  Because I use a LOT of them, I stock up around Easter time and buy multiple packages of little colored wood or plastic eggs.  Then I paint them white or Robin’s egg blue.  IF you only need a few eggs, you can buy small packages of them at a regular craft store; OR make your own using fimo clay.

More birds on assorted thrift store cloches.  These particular birds are from a year or so ago, and no longer available.  I bought as many as I could find when I saw them, so I had lots on hand for future projects!

Plan B for the birds to use as handles.  Once I could no longer find the white ceramic birds I’d been using for the handles; these colorful resin birds appeared on the shelves at DT.  A quick dose of some black  spray paint and some sponged on antique white paint, and they were a perfectly fine substitute for the other birds!

AND I used them to make some pedestal birds with too!

Assorted vintage pieces used for bases.  Glued together with e6000.

And I always sell a LOT of them.  It’s ‘one of those things’ that I am ALWAYS on the lookout for!


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