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Halloween crowns

Posted in Dollar Tree,Fall / Halloween by trash2treasure on September 4, 2011
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Remember these Halloween cut outs from Dollar Tree that I showed you just a bit ago?

Well, here’s what I did with a few of them:

The little orange crown above the spiders head is one I just made using a paper punch.

This crow crown has three differently positioned crows going all the way around.  Most of the rest of the crowns just have the design on the very front.

The package comes with all three different crows in it.

On this one, I covered the crown with some black patterned scrapbook paper, and made a paper medallion out of the scrap paper.  glued a button over the center of the medallion, added a feather behind it.  This crown I cut off part way to make it fit since the medallion took up so much space.

Just kept this one simple, the crown with a bat.

Smaller crowns made with stained vintage sheet music and with spiders and webs.


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