The Dollar Diva

Monogrammed Dollar Tree Journals

Got these little spiral notebooks at Dollar Tree a year or so ago.

Originally wanted to use the kraft color ones ‘as is’ and stamp on a design.  Alas, they had a ‘removable sticker’ on the front them left a residue that could not be removed.  So, I’d have to come up with a NEW plan for using them.

Had a bunch of these monograms that I was framing, and decided to try them on the journals.


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  1. Prism Sailor said,

    Ever since “everything for a dollar store” (EFADS) are gone in Canada. I’ve been looking for plain cover notebook, but cannot find any. EFADS, used to have Selectum plain color hardcover notebook. But now I cannot find any, not even online. I find something similar at the dollartree online shopping site, but the shopping is only with USA not in Canada.

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