The Dollar Diva

Chocolate truffle candles at Dollar Tree

I found some of these, gosh, probably 2 -3 years ago at Dollar Tree.  They are just DARLING!  I remember thinking it seemed like an ‘odd’ time of year to stock them because I thought they’d be perfect for Valentines Day; and I was a totally opposite time of year that I had found them.

Being not entirely sure of HOW I could use them, I originally only bought a few.  A week later I went back for more and they were almost all gone!  I’ve been searching for them ever since; to no avail! Until NOW!

I told myself last time  that IF I ever did find them again, I’d buy ALL they had!  And that is exactly what I just did.  Cleaned out 2 different local Dollar Trees of all they had.  Apparently it’s not something they stock a LOT of, nor very consistently.

I did these a while back, but NOT at Valentines time of year.  Had several emails asking if I would have them in my booth for Valentines day this past year; and had to say NO, because I didn’t know if I would find them again.

So cute and SO fun to put together!

 Just got a new batch of these little styro and cardboard cupcake ‘trinket boxes’ (the top opens up!) from Michael’s craft store.  Plan to re-make them so they are a bit more realistic looking. 


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