The Dollar Diva

Pretty Christmas gift cones


If these red cones look a little familiar, it’s because they are the same kind that I used to make the Valentine trees last year!  Bought them on clearance after Christmas last year.  I ALWAYS look for red and white stuff on Christmas clearance!  White to use ANY time fo the year, and RED for Valentines day!

First I added my red pipecleaner handle (bought on clearance last year of course!)   Then I used another pipe cleaner to bundle my little ornies and pretty bow.  The grey and silver glittery ones are Martha Stewart, purchased on clearance at K-Mart last year.  The silver bells from DT.  The wire edged ribbon from Costco.  Ribbon at Costco is THE CHEAP{EST you’ll ever find it anywhere.  The caveat is, you have to buy 50 yards at a time!!

Set the bow and baubles aside for now, whilst you add the GOODIES!  I filled a cello bag with assorted wrapped candies, and tied it up tight.  I buy the bulk wrapped Brach’s candies to fill mine with.  ****SUPER SAVINGS TIP!!!  But your bull candy on sale just before Halloween.  The bulk candies don’t come with seasonal specific wrappers, and you get a great variety.  Winco usually has their bulk candies on sale for almost 75% off a week or so before Halloween.

Trim the top of your tied up cello bag of candies if needed, plop it into your cone and tie the top fo the bag to the handle of your cone with the pipe cleaner you used to bundle your baubles.  (thereby ‘theft proofing’ the candy from disappearing from the cone!)

 Displayed in our booth at Camas Antiques.  You could also make these into Valentine cones by tying on a cute vintage style Valentine instead of the sparkly baubles and bell.  Maybe add some pretty lace around the rim!

These are GREAT “little something’s” for co-workers, teachers and office party gifts.


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