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Little take out gift boxes

Posted in Dollar Tree,Gift wrap,Gifts by trash2treasure on November 7, 2010
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This idea grew from something similar I saw at an antique mall.  They had taken regular white Chinese take-out food boxes and stenciled numbers on them.  (anything with numbers on it seems to be “IN” right now!)  Loving the idea but not wanting to totally COPY it, I headed to Dollar Tree to see what kind of little boxes I could find to play with.

Found these adorable little favor boxes in the baby shower section.  Eight of them for a dollar!  I can have LOTS of fun playing with these!

I pulled them all apart and then rummaged through my box of paper craft embellishments to see what I could use.  Settled upon some Paris themed clear stickers.

And had one pair of stray butterfly themed stickers that I decided to use up.

But I really liked the black lettering on the blue boxes best.  That was ALL I did to this batch.  You could add a little tag tied onto the handle with a piece of pretty ribbon if you wanted to go a bit fancier.

These little boxes are the PERFECT size to tuck a gift card into, or fill with a few ‘sweet treats’.


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