The Dollar Diva

Fluffy white wreath

Soooooooooooo pretty!!!  Would make a great holiday wreath; and yet is simple enough to stay out year round in a shabby cottage decor space.

Check out “The Virginia House” for the complete (and surprisingly SIMPLE!) tutorial.

It seems that I can never leave ‘well enough alone’, and when I see projects like this, that are PERFECT as they are, my brain starts thinking of variations on the theme.  Here are my thoughts and things I might try when I make one of these:

1)  The wreath form; I’m thinking the hard green floral foam wreaths might be easier to work with than the willow wreath.  (although they might be smaller)

2)  GLITTER!!!  Everything is better with glitter.  Lightly brush glue on the very tips of the ruffles and sprinkle on some glitter.

3)  For a more primitive and rustic look, spritz it with some grubby stain.

4) OR use the tan coffee filters to begin with!

5)  Lightly wrap around a ‘sheet music paper garland’ ; or hang a little banner across the front.


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