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CARVABLE pumpkins from Dollar Tree

Actually I just grabbed a few of these NOT knowing they were ‘carvable’.  I just wanted a few bigger pumpkins that the ones they usually have.

I pondered for a while on what cutting tool to use, and finally settled upon my box cutter, because they felt a little too dense for an exact knife.

Being one who is NOT very well-practiced at pumpkin carving, I went the EASY route, and just cut out a small strip at each indent.

ACK!!!  They are just HOLLOW CORE styro pumpkins and really NOT very carving friendly!  You know how styro SHREDS when you break or cut it?  YEP!  And you know how all the little stray pieces are all staticy and stick to your hands and won’t come off?  YEP!  These (allegedly!) carvable pumpkins from Dollar Tree ARE all that!

The white innards really showed!  Even through just these small slits.  But unless I cut the thing in half, I’m not going to be able to paint the INSIDE!  But I wasn’t ready to give up on my experiment just YET!  I mean, it’s only a BUCK, so I may as well keep going and se e if I can make something of it.  Black spray paint to the rescue!

Now spray paint will sometimes disintegrate styro, but this stuff held up okay.  And the SPRAY got into the creases enough to cover them a bit.  I cut out a hole in the bottom and added a little ‘clip light’ with a red bulb.

This’ll have to do.  I glued on a little spider and web at the stem.

 I’m afraid I’m going to have to NOT recommend these for carving.  Would be great to paint or glitter.  And I’ve seen lots of pumpkin face STICKERS that would work well on these.  Really just about anything BUT carving!


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  1. we used a hot knife on ours last year.. worked great.. just have to move quick so they don’t burn ..hope they have them again

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