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Halloween Queens!

Posted in Dollar Tree,Fall / Halloween by trash2treasure on October 3, 2010
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Got these glittered skulls at Dollar Tree.  They had black, white and silver glitter, but I just got black and white.

First I put a wood dowel into the base of the skull.  Poke a hole with your dowel, pull it out, squeeze a bit of tacky glue into your hole and re-insert the dowel.  This will keep it securely in place.  (you can’t see the dowel in this photo because I have it propped in a soda bottle to keep it upright for the photo.

I gave her a silver crown (just cut it out of scrap cardboard and glittered) which it hot glued in place.  And a ruffly collar made from wire edged ribbon; which I folded ‘accordion style’ then hot glued together both ends.

Once the ends you’ve glued together have cooled and you can flatten your collar, hot glue on a circle of paper or fabric to keep it in place.

Then a little dab of hot glue on the dowel by the skull to keep it in place.  Voila!

For teh white glitter skulls, I made sheet music crowns, added a little black glitter on the tips and printed ‘Halloween Queen’ on an old book page, tore around the edges and glued to the crown.

Made her collar out of sheet music also, accordion folded just like the wire edged ribbon.  For the double collar, just make one slightly smaller than the other, glue the paper circle to the backs of each, then glue them together.


Some pieces of black ribbon, like tendrils were added after the collars wer glued on.

I use little vases to display them in.  That shorter white skull was one I made last year.  Mounted it on a candle holder and used a childs pony tail ribbon for the pink collar!

That shorter black skull was glued to a spice jar and given several layers of ruffled wire edge ribbon, glued to the jar as a collar.


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  3. what is the font you use for Halloween Queen on the crown?

    • That font is called ‘BLACKADDER ITC’ and is just one of the ‘stock’ ones that came in my word program on my computer.


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