The Dollar Diva

Halloween busts from Dollar Tree

Not too bad ‘as purchased’, but I wanted to shabby them up a bit; make the darker ones look more like the center one.

Gave them a good dousing with white spray paint and let dry.

And then to bring out the details, some Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze.

Glob it on really good, scrubbing your brush down into all the creases.  I always do my pieces in ‘two steps’ so that I have a dry part to hang onto while working.  Immediately after applying your glaze, wipe or dab off the excess.  It’s up to you how much you leave on.  WIPING will take most of it off, except in the creases.  DABBING will leave more on the surface, for a darker look.

After removing your excess glaze, let it dry for about 20 minutes, then go back and do the other part.

All done.  They guy in the middle is the one I left ‘as purchased’.  The glaze on it is much darker; grey, almost green.  Almost makes the RL glaze look a tad pinkish, but it’s really a nice musty brown.




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  1. You have some really awesome ideas, and NO, it never too late or early to think about Halloween!! Its my favorite, and your pieces have mad me so excited!!!

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