The Dollar Diva

Lenticular photos from Dollar Tree

These things are WAY cool!  I’ve seen similar versions in other stores craft departments for 10x the cost.

They come in these cheap-o molded plastic frames.  What do you expect for a buck, eh?  But even the pricier ones at ‘other stores’ have the same cheapo frames.  I’ve even seen some of the EXACT SAME Halloween stuff at Dollar Tree as the regular stores have!  It’s just different packaging sometimes, and usually MORE quantity in the DT ones!

I just cut away the frame with my regular scissors, and put the pictures in a regular frame (from DT, of course!)

Here’s what the photo looks like from another angle!  Pretty cool, eh?

Here’s the same picture, side by side.

 On these last two, I used some unfinished WOOD picture frames from DT.  Painted them with a black ‘wash’ (thinned down black paint) and then sanded a little to distress.  The nicer frames make ALL the difference. 

More DT Halloween decor to follow!  Check back soon!


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