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SWEET little cupcake trinket boxes from Michael’s

Posted in Gifts,Home Decor by trash2treasure on May 23, 2010
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Found these cutie patooties in the dollar section at Michael’s craft store.  The pedestal display for them was made from gluing (with e6000 adhesive) a Dollar Tree coffee mug to a coordinating thrift store dinner plate.

I didn’t even realize that the tops opened up until I got them home!  I grabbed up a bunch of them just because I thought they were cute for decorating with.  Would make fun little party favors too, filled with some sweet treats!

Kind of odd color combinations.  But that could easily be remedied by slipping on a different color fluted paper cupcake liner.

I thought they needed a little oOoomph!

Glitter to the rescue!  I just brushed some tacky glue on the tops and sprinkled with glitter that looks just like sugar sprinkles.

With glitter on the left; without on the right.  Lookin’ good enough to eat!




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