The Dollar Diva

Chocolate truffle candles from Dollar Tree


How cute are these little candy shaped , CHOCOLATE SCENTED candles?!?!?  Far too cute to burn.  And they smell WONDERFUL without burning them.

Perfect size for a small pretty vintage plate with a cloche top; which is actually an inverted votive candle holder, also from DT.

And the cute little bird glued on top (I used e6000 adhesive) from DT too!

Here’s a picture of the whole assortment.  Wouldn’t it be fun to fill a vintage heart shaped Valentine candy box with these?

More on display in my space at Stars, on assorted pedestal stands made from vintage glassware.

You could even ‘dress them up a little more by putting them in a pretty fluted paper cup!

BIG display at the spring craft show.


I can only HOPE that this is not one of those ‘one time wonders’ that they get in once and never again.  Would love to seem them the first of the year with their Valentines stock.



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