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Recent finds at Dollar Tree

Posted in Dollar Tree by trash2treasure on January 27, 2010
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Now WHAT can I DO with it all?!?!

VERY cool rustic looking ceramic finials!  Could be used ‘as is’, but I have GRANDER visions for them!

In the same style as these little birds, there were some roosters, sheep and pigs. I passed on the sheep and pigs, but did get a few roosters.

Little decorative tiles. And they even have a hanger on the back already. I’ll most likely just use these ‘as is’ to fill in some small spaces. They had several other colors/designs; but they were too BRIGHT for my taste. A very GREEN green and a very bright blue.

Roasting bags and ‘green’ bags for produce storage. Not sure how well the green bags work compared to the ‘originals’ but 20 of them for a buck was worth a try. And those roasting bags are just kinda handy to have ‘in stock’ at home. Seems you can only find them during the holidays. And it’s so easy to toss a whole chicken in one and roast it up for an easy meal.

Okay now. Off to the drawing board to come up with some new creations using all this stuff.


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