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Christmas clearance re-made for every day decor

Posted in Home Decor,Outside the box! by trash2treasure on January 24, 2010
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Got these metal filigree crosses on clearance at Dollar Tree for 25 cents each!  I had no idea HOW I’d repurpose them, but for that price, I HAD to buy them.  I found four different styles.

Although they were labeled as ‘ornaments’, they are a pretty decent size; 5-7″ tall.

They HAD to be painted.  Had to cover up those red and green rhinestones.  First I gave them a dose of spray on KILZ primer.

Then some ivory colored spray paint.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  And I seriously debated leaving them like this for a couple of days.

But then!!!  (and if you read my trash2treasure blog, you KNOW what’s coming next!)  Yep, I had to give them a bit o’ RALPH lovin’!  (Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze)

I distressed them a little bit by sanding first, then brushed on and wiped off the RL glaze.  See the difference the glaze makes?  The one on the left is unglazed.

Here is what they look like hanging on a white wall.

OH!  And I could put one in the arms of the angels I am making.  (just listed in my etsy shop)

I’m thinking these would look nice hanging in the middle of a blank frame.

Maybe I’ll try attaching one to one of the burlap wreaths I’m making.

And as inexpensive as they were, they would be beautiful to use as package tie ons!

SIGH! Now I am wishing I had bought MORE of them so I had enough to do a batch in black too!

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