The Dollar Diva

“Ice cream sundae”

Posted in Dollar Tree,Gifts by trash2treasure on December 1, 2009
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It’s a little hard to see the contents through the cello wrapper. These are a REALLY simple gift item to make, and there are LOTS of variations possible.

For this one I bought a glass sundae dish and a bag of Baskin & Robbins flavored wrapped hard candies at Dottar Tree. Just fill the dish with the candy; slip it into a cello bag (bought at craft store) and tie it up with some white curly ribbon for the ‘whipped cream’ on top!  Would be cute to tie a plastic spoon onto the ribbon.

Other variations:

This one is a ‘caramel sundae’ in a smaller single scoop ice cream dish from DT.

I guess I don’t have pictures of the ‘root beer float’; which I made in a tall old-fashioned malt glass from DT. The root beer barrels to fill it with came from the bulk foods section at the grocery store (where ALL the bulk candy was half off the week before Halloween!) For the tall concoctions you can have a bendy stray sticking up in the middle!

While the bulk candies were on sale at the grocery store just before Halloween, I bought some coffee flavored hard candies to fill coffee mugs with.


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