The Dollar Diva

Re-using Christmas decor for Valentines Day and year round

Yep, that big red ‘LOVE” sign came from Dollar Tree. Now it’s not exactly my style . . .all shiney and perfect. Usually I distress or re-work a lot of the stuff I get at DT, but there really wasn’t a whole lot I could do with this one. But for an inexpensive Valentine decoration, it works just fine ‘as is’.


Stock up on RED and WHITE Christmas decor and supplies when they go on sale after Christmas for half price. MANY of them can be re-worked for Valentines Day (red stuff) and every day decor (white stuff).

Red FELT to make stuff Valentine hearts.

Glittery red floral picks used to top a Valentine Tree. These glittery bunches make GORGEOUS package tie ons too. Maybe even stock up on some gold or silver ones to use on a wrapped wedding gift!

Another Valentine tree with red glittery DT Christmas floral picks purchased at half off after Christmas.  Those felt hearts and the beaded ‘love’ ornaments are from  Christmas  too!

These red berry picks proved to be a VERY good purchase for us when we had our store.  I got them at half price after Christmas, and kept them in stock year-round.  SO many people commented that they could not find RED berries year-round anywhere else.  And red berries are pretty much a ‘standard necessity’ in primitive/country decorating.

The above berries came from DT also.  The first batch had shorter stems.  This batch had longer stems; perfect for using in floral arrangements.

Another Valentine display from our store.

And yet another Valentine tree decorated with Christmas items purchased at half price after Christmas.  I’ve used some of the WHITE berry sprays in here too.  The tin angels, tin hearts and button hearts are ALL Christmas items!  Grouped together ‘just right’ it all works perfectly for a Valentine tree.

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