The Dollar Diva

CHEAPER than the dollar store?!?!?!

At Costco?!?! Seriously??? SERIOUSLY!!!

I’m talking about WIRE EDGED RIBBON. Costco gets new stock in TWICE a year; Christmas ribbon usually is put out by the end of August. And the most popular designs/colors go FAST. So buy it early. They usually have quite a bit left over after Christmas and they move the left overs to the stationary department AND mark it down!! I’ve gotten it for as little as $2.49 a spool!

These are 50 yard rolls of QUALITY wire edged ribbon with NO SEAMS. I think the current price is $7.99 (maybe it’s 7.59 or some odd price; but I know it’s not MORE than $8.00 for 50 yards) a roll; which works out to be less than 16 cents a yard!!! It’s wonderful to work with and holds up well to save and reuse.

They get a new shipment of ribbon in for spring; more springy colors, obviously. Again, the spring stuff comes out pretty early, maybe even BEFORE Valentines day. Then after Easter, this stuff starts getting marked down and moved over to the stationary section.

Spring 2008 colors

I’ve also found rolls of the ‘Kirkland’ brand ribbon at garage sales and thrift stores for $2-3.00 a roll. FULL rolls usually too!

Here’s a picture of my ribbon stash:

Last time I was at Costco a couple of weeks ago, they had sold down on the Christmas ribbon quite a lot. LOTS of gold (in various shades and designs) left. If you are a big fan of gold ribbon, look for it on clearance at Costco after the first of the year and stock up at crazy low prices.

Holiday 2008 colors

Can you tell what that is that I am using to STORE my ribbon on? Yep, and old video rack Michael picked up at a garage sale for a couple of bucks!

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