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Prettied up pumpkins and gourds

Posted in Fall / Halloween by trash2treasure on December 17, 2008
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You can easily give there plain old pumpkins and gourds from the Dollar Tree a designer look with a little bit of paint, glitter and assorted embellishments.  The ones above are PLASTIC gourds with a plastic ‘sugared’ coating.  They take the regular craft paint very well, you just have to STIPPLE it on with a stiff brush, instead of brushing it on.

These are Styrofoam pumpkins and easily brush paint, but require a couple of coats.  For attaching the embellishments I used floral pins or floral wire and just pushed it right into the styro.  Once in place, I pulled it back out and squeezed a dot of glue into the holes and re-inserted it to make sure it stayed put.

Most of the embellishments came from the craft store, but occasionally I’ll fins some good ones at DT that I can use.

The ‘pedestal bowl’ that these pretty pink gourds are in are an inverted votive holder that I epoxied to a clear glass bowl; both pieces came from DT.

If you don’t have lost of different colors of glitter (like me!) you can still get a similar look with varying shades by buying a CLEAR glitter and applying it over different colors of paint.

The striped ones above were created by using glitter glue.

For this one I used a small wood candle holder for a pedestal!

The possibilities are endless!


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