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Framed fall leaves

Posted in Fall / Halloween by trash2treasure on September 15, 2008
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Taking these frames from Dollar Tree

And a bag of fabric fall scatter leaves from Dollar Tree.

I made these pretty framed leaves!

The frames have an ‘easel’ stand and can stand vertically OR horizontally.  OR hang either way!  A single frame makes a nice table centerpiece grouped with a fall leaf bunch.

These fall leaf bunches are from DT too of course!  They have a nice variety of colors in them also.  These leaf bunches are pretty to just put into vases also.

Just open up the back of the frame like this.  (I always clean my glass before replacing it)

Dig though your bag of leaves and group matching colors together and place them behind a contrasting colored mat, then replace your backing.

I had bought several of these frames and the mats were ‘removable’; so I took three of them and made three frames each all with the same color mats and leaves.  These would look nice hanging as a grouping on the wall.




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  1. mysteryshopper37 said,

    Hi, I just happened to stumble across your blog and I love it! I think of the DT as my go-to store for so many events. Thanks for all of your awesome ideas for fall decorating 🙂

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